blog 25--2-18

The Day That Changed My Life

We face life-changing events and challenges in our lives time and again. Those moments that shape us, and signpost directions on the map of life when we stumble upon crossroads with no bloody clue what way we should go. That’s being human and memories are our receipts, our proof of purchase – we’re doing it, flying blind, in a unique way to every other soul in the universe! How the hell are we really supposed to know how to do it until we just do? Continue reading “The Day That Changed My Life”


HELP NEEDED: Carers or Nurses of People with Dementia

I’m writing a short story of a character near and dear to my heart who is trying to adapt to the news his grandmother has dementia. I’d love if any carers or nurses who have interacted with people with dementia could offer some of their experiences with their patients/loved one.

I want to dig deep into the impact of the illness on a younger person, so anything would be greatly appreciated. Personal or professional insights would be amazing. More in-depth or even just small grabs of info all welcome. No direct personal info or identifying features will be reproduced in my story. I’m just aiming to give an accurate a picture of his grandmother as possible.

If you don’t want to reply here, please feel free to drop me a line via my website’s CONTACT page.

Please share if you also know anyone who may be able to help.