Hello and welcome! I’m Lani, a writer hailing from the South Coast of New South Wales in Australia. Welcome to my wee writer’s nook of the online world! A vivid imagination and a love for stories have fuelled my desire to write over the years. I have been writing for as long as I can remember. Writing is my passion and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t write something. Anything. Writing is my life and I will probably die with my laptop at my fingertips. Like many others like me, I hope to one day in the near future be a published author.

I have completed a Master of Arts (Writing) with Swinburne University of Technology and have almost completed the Master of Creative Writing with Macquarie University in Sydney as well as newly commencing the Master of Information Studies (Libriarianship) with Charles Sturt University. My hope is to one day apply for a PhD in creative writing. I have completed a Comedy Writing Masterclass with Tim Ferguson at the Australian Film Television & Radio School (AFTRS) and training in writing community grant submissions. I’m a member of the Australian Society of AuthorsSouth Coast Writers’ Centre, and the NSW Writers’ Centre.

My Writing

I’m predominantly a creative fiction writer with a love for novels and short stories, however I dabble in creative nonfiction occasionally. My first publication was a creative nonfiction tribute piece to actor and comedian, Robin Williams, entitled, Oh Captain, My Captain! for Zoetic Press’ Dearly Beloved: Eulogies for the Ones We Lost Anthology.  In 2016, I won First Place Prose for the South Coast Writers’ Centre competition ‘Empty shells are full of stories” for my 500-word piece, Empty Shells.  Throughout 2019, I worked with a supervisor towards finishing and editing the first draft of my first novel, c u l8tr, with it now nearing the rewriting and redrafting phase with the aim to polish it to query level through the beginning of 2020. I also have plans to submit more short story and article pieces to magazines and journals to develop skills and experience in that field.

My main genres of interest are Australian Fiction, LGBT+ (including Romance), Drama, Low Fantasy, Young Adult & New Adult Fiction, and Historical Fiction. I have a keen desire to contribute diverse stories to the Australian writing industry with a focus on stories addressing current societal challenges, #ownvoices stories, LGBT+ characters of lesser known sexual and gender identities, and characters with physical and/or psychological disability or illness. Academically, I am interested interrogating the stigma of asexuality, and exploring asexual and pansexual characters in fiction, especially Australian fiction, along with helping and encouraging new writers who may have an interest in writing diverse characters or #ownvoices fiction.

For more information about my writing, please visit the Writing link.

My Life

I’m an Aussie born and bred, but I have a true love for Scotland and consider it my other home (as much of an Honorary Scot as a non-Scot can be!) After finishing high school at 18 , I gathered much courage and strength, and travelled across the globe on my own to live and work in Edinburgh, Scotland for two years on a Working Holidaymaker Visa. What an adventure that was! The experiences I had over there were incredible and I was forced to grow up quickly to fend for myself. To say I fell in love with the country is an understatement. As hard as it was a lot of the time, I wouldn’t turn back the clock and change it for anything. Which is why much of my writing tends to have a shout-out to Scotland in it.  Whilst there, I not only met an amazing bunch of wonderful people still in my life today and had some life-changing experiences, I also met my future-husband, a born and bred proud Scotsman. In 2006, we got married over there at Linlithgow Palace, birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots. My love also for Scotland and Scottish history was inevitably established. We are now settled in Australia, with our furkid, Bonnie (a frequent star of my Instagram!) but Scotland will always have a big place in my heart and I hope to return there on a research tour soon (our trip back in 2016 for our 10 year wedding anniversary didn’t end according to plan – to say the least!

After a career background working in medical, legal, and community service positions, I am embarking on a somewhat scary new journey of studying to qualify for a profession in Information Studies, majoring in Librarianship. It has long been a dream of mine to work in libraries with books and people who love them as much as I do. After a rocky few years personally, and much introspection and soul-searching, I realised now was the time to dig deep into myself and take another leap of faith (a couple of years after my first of pursuing a career as a professional writer). I have always known I was destined to work with writing, literature, and stories one day, and with the library sector rapidly changing to make libraries community-oriented hubs, now seems to be the perfect time to utilise many skills I’ve learned throughout my career and couple them with my passion for literature and learning. Who knows what the future will bring, but the only way truly is up!

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read. Feel free to drop me a wee comment or Like through my social media. I am looking forward to meeting new people on my path to writerly success!