HELP NEEDED: Carers or Nurses of People with Dementia

I’m writing a short story of a character near and dear to my heart who is trying to adapt to the news his grandmother has dementia. I’d love if any carers or nurses who have interacted with people with dementia could offer some of their experiences with their patients/loved one.

I want to dig deep into the impact of the illness on a younger person, so anything would be greatly appreciated. Personal or professional insights would be amazing. More in-depth or even just small grabs of info all welcome. No direct personal info or identifying features will be reproduced in my story. I’m just aiming to give an accurate a picture of his grandmother as possible.

If you don’t want to reply here, please feel free to drop me a line via my website’s CONTACT page.

Please share if you also know anyone who may be able to help.



#startingwrite is a hashtag event on Twitter for writers. Instead of posting an answer a day, Because I have some writing to do this weekend to a deadline, I decided that instead of a general blog post this week, I’d answer all the #startingwrite questions in a blog post instead. So, here goes!

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blog 19 jan 18

“So, What’s Your Novel About?”

People often ask me what my novel is about when they know I’m writing one. I never know what to say because it’s difficult to take a whole crazy beautiful mess in my head of character-building, world-building, plotting and imagery to break it down into a nutshell. So, here is what I usually fall back on: “It’s about two teen guys who are in a secret relationship, and one of them dies texting while driving”. That is exactly where this chaotic mess that is my novel brain began, with a simple notion of a teen dying because of how dangerous texting and driving is. But a nutshell never does a story justice.

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Book Review: A Work in Progress

There was no way this book wasn’t going to make an appearance here. I will say right up that Connor Franta, YouTuber and Author, is one of my Top 20 Ever-Inspiring people in the whole world. Not only have I read his book, but I have also listened to it on where he personally narrates (he also got me addicted to Because I have spent many life minutes binge-watching his YouTube videos, which lead to me reading his amazing book, I am going to personally plug his channel: ConnorFranta @ YouTube. Continue reading “Book Review: A Work in Progress”