Book Review: A Work in Progress

There was no way this book wasn’t going to make an appearance here. I will say right up that Connor Franta, YouTuber and Author, is one of my Top 20 Ever-Inspiring people in the whole world. Not only have I read his book, but I have also listened to it on where he personally narrates (he also got me addicted to Because I have spent many life minutes binge-watching his YouTube videos, which lead to me reading his amazing book, I am going to personally plug his channel: ConnorFranta @ YouTube. Continue reading “Book Review: A Work in Progress”


Book Review: Who Killed Leigh Leigh?

I’ve decided to do my first book review here on a true crime book, Who Killed Leigh Leigh? by Kerry Carrington. Since completing my Bachelor of Legal & Justice Studies, I have had an interest in crimes against children and families of murder victims. I have done a lot of research on a range of cases that fall into these categories, and would be interested in writing about true crime in the future, as well as using my research as a basis of writing crime fiction. Continue reading “Book Review: Who Killed Leigh Leigh?”


Movie Review: The Riot Club

Boasting some prominent names in the young British acting industry today such as Max Irons, Douglas Booth, Sam Claflin, Holliday Grainger, and Natalie Dormer, The Riot Club opens somewhat reminiscent of the classic film, Dead Poets Society. However, it soon becomes evident that there is a much more perverse foundation of the all-male secret club, entitled the Riot Club. The Club has existed through generations of the upper class school’s alumni with members who have the superior mindset that money can buy anything. Continue reading “Movie Review: The Riot Club”